"JD.COM Multimedia" is the predecessor of JD.COM today, and it was a four-square-meter stall in Zhongguancun, an online store in Liu Qiangdong. At that time, Liu Qiangdong was the only merchant that clearly marked the price and invoiced all products. Later, it solved the problems existing in online shopping, insisted on selling genuine licensed goods, and constantly innovated in the logistics delivery experience. Liu Qiangdong paid close attention to the issues that consumers were most concerned about, and through quality and service, it achieved the well-known early accumulation in JD.COM.

When JD.COM grew stronger and established the JD.COM Group. Liu Qiangdong deeply realized that the core of company management is managing people. The core of managing people is how to select people, how to employ people and how to retain people. It is very crucial to ensure smooth information, reduce department wrangling and prevent diseases in large enterprises. Liu Qiangdong has made managing people an art of management, and formed eight regulations for managers. In addition to personnel management, in the direction of enterprise development, Liu Qiangdong is deeply aware of the importance of logistics, and does not hesitate to turn the light asset model into a heavy asset model, and build logistics networks and infrastructure all over the country. This step is also an important step for JD.COM to be far ahead of other e-commerce, and has completed the listing of Jingdong Logistics. Liu Qiangdong's dream-seeking road doesn't stop there. Liu Qiangdong's persistence in technology and investment in scientific research are beyond the reach of the industry. Liu Qiangdong only wants to achieve one goal. When the intelligent era comes, it is hoped that everyone will be freed from heavy labor, become a truly technology-enabled enterprise, and build their own competitive barriers. It is worth mentioning that the JD.COM built by Liu Qiangdong is not resting on its laurels. At the end of August this year, JD.COM Airlines won the Air Carrier Operation Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, which also means that JD.COM Airlines will be officially put into operation. Jingdong Logistics has placed great emphasis on integrated supply chain in the past two years, and this year's epidemic situation has highlighted the importance of "online and next shipment", and air freight is an indispensable and important resource.

Under the leadership of Liu Qiangdong, JD.COM attached importance to the innovation of user experience, valued talents, respected and motivated employees, established a modern enterprise system, followed the most advanced corporate governance concept, and conducted trade in accordance with global trade rules. Successfully ranked among the top 500 companies in the world and ranked 32nd.